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Japnease Custom Yamaha SR400 by Heiwa MC 1

Japanese Custom Yamaha SR400

Yamaha’s iconic SR400 came to existence in 1978, thirty-five years to this date and yet it’s still Yamaha’s most desired and celebrated motorcycle model....
Yamaha SR400 Custom

Yamaha SR400 Custom

The Yamaha SR400 retro Japanese rocket has ruled the hearts of young Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts. The Yamaha SR400 chassis and engine serves as a...
Yamaha SR400 Custom

Yamaha SR400 Custom

Just like Sashimi, the Yamaha SR400 can be spotted on almost every corner of Japan. Every time we think we have seen enough of...
YAMAHA SR400 by Motor Garage Goods

Motor Garage Goods Custom Yamaha SR400

As long as passionate men like Hiro are out there, creations like this custom Yamaha SR400 will keep appearing on Moto Rivista. Built by...
Moto Rivista Yamaha SR400 aka Varkain II

Yamaha SR400 aka Varkain II by Raider Motorsport

Today’s feature a custom Yamaha SR400 aka Varkain II comes from Coffs Harbour, a coastal city located on the north coast of New South...
Custom Yamaha SR400 by Yamaguchi Ringyou

Custom Yamaha SR400

Yokohama based brothers from Yamaguchi Ringyou are back on Moto Rivista with their custom Yamaha SR400 aka Type Zero. The distinctive look of this custom...
Custom Yamaha SR400 MotorRock 3

Custom Yamaha SR400 by Motor Rock

Whilst Sushi is considered a fast food delicacy in Japan, the Yamaha SR400 is one of the most favored custom bases for Japanese motorbike...
Custom Yamaha SR400

Custom Yamaha SR400 by Motor Rock

The Yamaha SR400 is a popular thumper among the young Japanese motorbike culture. SR400 is easily adaptable for a variety of custom builds from...