As long as passionate men like Hiro are out there, creations like this custom Yamaha SR400 will keep appearing on Moto Rivista. Built by Japanese custom motorbike builder Motor Garage Goods; this custom Yamaha SR400 Street Tracker is one classic looking beauty.

To give you a quick flashback, basically the SR400 is the same bike as the SR500, but with a shorter stroke and heavier muffler to pass tighter emission restrictions. At the early stage the SR500 was well received due to its styling and reliable 500 cc single-cylinder powerplant. The SR400 chassis and engine have been used as a popular base for many Café Racers, street trackers and Bobbers. At Moto Rivista SR400 has to be the most featured custom Yamaha model yet.

Motor Garage Goods custom SR400 engine closeupThe Yamaha SR400 was manufactured in Japan until 2008 when new emission restrictions ceased it’s production. I personally hate these emission restrictions; in the past many great motorcycle model production has ceased because of them. When trying to build a custom dream bike their is already a lot to do from planning, welding, chopping, bending and then one the biggest hurdle for amateur garage motorcycle builders are those painful emission restrictions!

Motor Garage Goods holds a good size portfolio of a variety of custom builds which includes Choppers, Bobbers, Street trackers, and Café Racers. The guys at Motor Garage are not only building one off custom motorcycles they also produce custom parts for each of their builds. Today’s feature bike is based on a stock SR400, the build started with stripping down the stock bike. The stock frame was heavily modified at the rear to adapt the new style. The SR400 engine was overhauled and fitted with a Trumpet muffler.

At the front this SR400 street tracker features a close chrome handle bar, Amal364 type throttle holder, chrome clutch leaver and an Avon SP-Mk2 front tire. At the rear the bike features Koni suspension, one off seat and a side tail kit taillight. Other parts includes a side mount Bates headlight and a side mounted speedometer.

The fabrication work includes a hand fabricated rear cowl and custom Vintage teardrop fuel tank. The finished street tracker is painted in classic looking red and white colors with Yamaha emblems. My personal favorite on this build has to the tear drop fuel tank and the exhaust system.

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