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We are passionate motorcycle enthusiasts just like you. Unfortunately our skills are not in welding or grinding they are in User Experience Design and consulting. Hence why we have built Moto Rivista the website and not Moto Rivista the workshop! We love to hear the stories behind the builds and understand the joy that comes with owning a motorcycle.

Our goal from day one was ‘give the builders a feature that is as good as the motorcycle they have built’. Like a detailed custom motorcycle build we have spent countless hours building Moto Rivista. Each aspect of Moto Rivista has been carefully designed to make sure readers have a great experience and builders get the maximum exposure for their craftsmanship on the web.

Our focus has never been about being the first, it is about doing it right the first time. Each article is researched thoroughly, with content directly from the source (unless referenced). Many articles are weeks / months in the making, we have the best images on the web and as much information as we can gather (foreign translation is sometimes sketchy, please contact us if we have something wrong!).

During 2013/2014 we will be releasing several new aspects of our website. We hope you like what we have put together and would love to hear your feedback or if there is something we have missed.

To all those who have joined us for the journey so far, we thank you. To all the builders who have allowed us to feature their work we have the utmost respect and admiration. Our growth so far has been solely based on word of mouth, we appreciate everyone who has commented, liked or shared our posts on Moto Rivista or through social media. We look forward to sharing the next stage of Moto Rivista with you.

Team Moto

Manu, Dev & Kirst