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Triumph Rocket Phantom by Mr. Martini

If you have had the fortune to step into a Rolls Royce and have a ride you would have realized that you haven’t just got into a car, you have entered into another dimension, luxurious, comfortable, huge and aristocratic.

Mr. Martini in his mental journey, dreaming of a Rolls on two wheels and living again a wonderful journey riding a Triumph Rocket III, he wanted to achieve the same sensations. So, why not make the Triumph Rocket even more like the most luxurious and stately car in the world?

Nicola has always been impressed by the bike’s engine and cubage but it comes out of the factory with a concept that is not so convincing. It’s a sort of “similar custom cruiser” but that doesn’t give the right honor to this powerful engine.

Mr. Martini decides to make the Triumph Rocket more British. He starts from a Triumph Rocket Rocket Classic (2008) sent from a Russian customer who asked for a personalization. There are several elements that Nicola wanted to mix up, to move on 2 wheels the “taste” of the more aristocratic car in the world:

Triumph Rocket Phantom by Mr. Martini 7• The huge chrome original radiator.
• The saddle, painted in beige and with a new shape, covered with Connoly leather coming from the rear seat of a true Rolls Royce!
• The big classic windscreen creates aerodynamic and comfortable covering.
• The elegant bags, developed during many hours of hard work, with an expandable system to put the helmet when the bike stands still. Finished with leather straps with a buckle lock that evoke the picnic bags used by English aristocracy and placed in the luggage van of these luxury cars.

Even the Zard Company, fascinated by this project has made an elegant and powerful exhaust system specifically for this bike. The beige saddle, combined with black frame and beige manifold exhaust make the whole very luxurious. It seems to be on the four Rolls wheels where physical space becomes a state of mind, a freedom space, but in pure luxury.

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