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Old School Sportster, Petroleum Spirit

Working in a motorcycle workshop would be every passionate motorcycle enthusiasts dream. Jussi Lindgren from Finland has it all, a job at Mr. Moore Motorcycles as a mechanic & fabricator and a beautifully customized Old School Sportster.

According to Jussi “This custom Sportster, which is called “Petroleum Spirit”, is my personal build. I have always liked the look of raw metal, when there’s no paint and you can see your hand work.

Nothing on this bike is hidden; the idea was to build an “old-looking bike” with reliable mechanics. It’s built for the road and that is the pure essence of the motorcycle, its place is on the road. I’m also a big fan of big radius narrow wheels. The biggest challenge during the build was to make every part function together, for example using a 23-inch front wheel with springer front end equipped with long rockers. You have to calculate the front trail, rake steering axle for optimal trail. But that’s what bike building is all about, making all the parts work together.”

Jussi Lindgren from FinlandThis custom Sportster was built at the Mr. Moore Motorcycles workshop after work hours. The base for Jussi’s custom build was a stock 1993 Harley-Davidson XL 1200cc. To begin with the build the stock bike was stripped down to the engine and was mounted on a handmade custom rigid frame. The stock engine features CV-Keihin carburetor, Jocker Machine air filter and was fitted with a handmade custom exhaust system.

At the front this custom sportster features a handmade handlebar, Grimeca/Magura controls and a fog headlight. With a narrowed and re-tunneled sportster fuel tank and a handmade ribbed leather seat. While the rear includes bullet-type taillight, handmade battery case, a sphere shape handmade oil tank and a custom rear fender.

Not much paint was used on the finished bike, just the tank and the rear fender are painted. The rims, battery case and cylinders are powder coated, everything else is bare metal. The satin finish on parts is achieved by using Scotch brite and WD-40 oil. Satin black and a mix of grey painted by Heinimaa adds the old school looks to Petroleum Spirit.

The finished bike rolls on Robbans 23-inch front wheels with aluminum hub while the rear features 19-inch H-D dual flange hub, wrapped in Cheng Shin front and Avon MKII rear tires.

I personally love the look of Jussi’s bike, a true old school custom bike with raw metal aesthetics. Jussi not only built this beautiful custom Sportster he also took all the photos of his bike. Here I am stuck with my stock Dyna and there Jussi is blasting off this beauty and getting all the attention, am I jealous…yes sir!

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