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BMW R60/6 by Bobber Fucker

French custom motorcycle workshop “Bobber Fucker” and their custom BMW R60/6 have grabbed my attention.  I don’t mind their unusual name “Bobber Fucker”, it’s easy to remember and good to draw attention.

The custom shop is owned and operated by Fred whose day starts and ends with motorcycles. Fred has his own custom recipe which he uses for each of his custom creations. The core ingredients of Fred’s French custom recipe are 3Kg of Kustom Kulture; 1L matte black, 20ml metal flakes, 50L elbow grease and 20Kg grey matter. Mix it all together with a magic wand, heat in a bowl old American, British and Japanese and you have got yourself the Fucker #12 – BMW R60/6.

No questions needed when French men are building custom motorbike, so far I haven’t been disappointed and Fred’s BMW R60/6 is a perfect example of good French craftsmanship.

BMW R60 painted by FatFinger customThe base for this custom BMW R60/6 is a stock 1974 BMW R60/6. To begin with the build the bike was stripped down to the engine. The stock frame was modified at the rear to adapt the new style. The stock engine and the carburetor were cleaned out and fitted with a megaton exhaust system.

At the front this custom BMW R60/6 features Bates 5″1/4 with yellow film, street tracker style handlebars with Doherty levers. While the rear includes a Hagon suspension and old school type Bates led taillight. BMW 6 series stock fuel tank and a hand upholstered custom seat.

The fabrication work includes a handmade aluminum rear fender, foot peg and handmade battery case, which is located under the frame. The finished bike rolls on Coker Diamond tread tires. The metal flakes, lettering and pin stripping was done by Fat Finger custom.

This custom bike has the right amount of modifications you expect from a good custom motorbike builder. Fred has done astonishing job with this build and certainly I am not going to forget “Bobber Fucker”!

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