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Kawasaki KZ400 Custom by Nicole Di Blasi

Things can’t get any better then the build of this hot Custom Kawasaki KZ400, which was picked up from Criaglist. According to Nicole Di Blasi, this Custom Kawasaki KZ400 is her most prized possession.

It’s also going to be a great feast for our Moto Rivista readers, the second girl rider featured on our website with a kick ass custom motorbike. Don’t be jealous boys, plenty of time to show off your bikes let the ladies have some time.

1979 Kawasaki KZ400 Nicole Di Blasis 5The stock Kawasaki KZ400 was perfect with low miles and ready to tear apart. To begin the build Ewing Kustoms chopped up a Sporty tank and the Forks were lowered about 2 1/2 inches. The frame started as stock but the rear section was chopped off, and was welded with a new rear section and using part of the original shock mounts. The Frame was nickel-plated, which enhances any gouges or imperfections. Ewing Kustoms also built a custom battery box and mounted it beneath the fabricated seat. This beauty rolls on blacked-out stock wheels and dressed up in firestone balloon tires.

While Ewing Custom were busy chopping and welding, Nicole started collecting others parts, she found the Flanders bars, head light and taillights and a few other things at estate sales and swap mates. Once every thing was in place and ready to rock, Frank from AirFx painted the sheetmetal with ‘60s psychedelic-fish scales. The bike also features a dual-headed reverse cone megaphone muffler which suits the bike perfectly.

According to Nicole “Riding around the streets of Seattle, this Custom Kawasaki KZ400 doesn’t go unnoticed. Like driving a donk, well, It’s more like riding a little green dragon that spits oil and needs it’s idle adjusted at every light. And it flies faster than a Geo Metro! It’s freaking bright and beautiful, not to mention loud as holy hell! I only wish I had a California-style ranch house so I could park it in my living room, curl up next to it by the fire on all these rainy days”.

A perfect blend of Beauty and the Beast. Nicole has done the Yard for this Custom Kawasaki KZ400 build, and we can see a true passionate Dragon rider.

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