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Yamaha SR250 custom by El Solitario MC

‘The Winning Loser’ is a Yamaha SR250 that was salvaged from the scrapyard and transformed into a piece of art.

‘The Winning Loser’ was built by a custom workshop El Solitario MC, based in Madrid, Spain. The bike was built for the Metamorfosis Masiva, a competition run by Club 09 Cafe Racer in Madrid. The rules of this build-off are, the bikes have to be based on SR250 and it has to be built with less than €1000. Now if you compare a stock standard Yamaha and ‘The Winning Loser’ you will be scratching your head and thinking, how on earth can a bike be built for less than €1000 and finish up looking like a stunning piece of art.  The boys from El Solitario MC have spent more then 500 hours building the remarkable bike ‘The Winning Loser’ a one of a kind custom bike.

The build started with the intense modification of the frame, which was chopped and simplified and painted Macadamia Brown and the engine casing was drilled and dressed.

The Winning Loser head“This build’s philosophy was to fabricate as much as we could to keep the bike bold & authentic and so we did. We believe that this attitude is responsible for the irresistible looks of the WL.” El Solitario MC

‘The Winning Loser’ has a hand fabricated drag style 2x one-litre fuel tank, which replaces the Yamaha SR250 original tank. The seat and the tail section has also been hand fabricated. The vintage bicycle handlebars are mounted on to the vintage upside down risers. Our favourite is the vintage Old Pioneer 125 Fog light, which was found on an auction site for $9.99 – Bargain! The Winning Loser was fitted with a 19-inch Avon speedmaster front tire and a 16-inch firestone deluxe rear tire. It was not an easy job to put together The Winning Loser’s seat, the upholstered area continues from the seat to uphill, covering the (2) fuel tank joints to the frame and almost reaching the triple trees. A Chopper Dave ‘cheat death’ pegs and rear light from an old bultaco, which is hidden inside the cowl. Vintage smith tachometer and 1983 Yamaha xt250 kickstart.

Although ‘The Winning Loser’ didn’t win the competition it has became quite famous among Custom Café Racer builders and enthusiasts!

We have also added a Great video presentation of the collection 1% of Gori de Palma. Which was filmed in CRD’s workshop featuring their Honda CB 900 Bold’Or and the Winning Loser El Solitario MC . (View video)

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