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Yamaha 225 Scorpio by Deus Ex Machina

If your riding the stock Yamaha 225 Scorpio on the streets of Sydney, consider yourself almost invisible, among other hardcore bikers and the ladies who like boys with cool toys.

The Scorpio 5But that’s not the case if your riding it in India, Thailand or Indonesia where people use these bikes as their daily commuter, with a 250cc engine size, the stock Yamaha 225 Scorpio is one of the most favored bikes amongst these populations.

When a stock standard Yamaha 225 Scorpio went to Deus Ex Machina Sydney, what rolled out of their garage is an absolute beautifully customized Scorpio 225. The Scorpio looks neat and lightweight, a perfect beach bike with flat-tracker style tires and a high exit exhaust to go wild on hot summer days.

We love the paintwork too, perfect color combinations! Deus has proved it again that great motorbikes are not just about horsepower and bling bling chromes!

We have also added a video to show how much fun this 225cc can be !(click here for the video)

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