HOT ROD | Sucker Punch Sally’s


Adding the word Hot Rod to a motorbike comes with a price starting at $27,995.00*.

The Hot Rod is the most expensive bike in Sucker Punch Sally’s lineup and the one only one with a 93 Cubic Inch S&S Shovel muscle, a five-speed kicker transmission, a 17-inch rear wheel. It’s a crowd favorite with hand-machined brass accents on the foot controls and a 5-speed kicker.

The frame was customized to put up with the increased axle height which provides superior handling. Each Hot Rod receives close attention from one of the Sucker Punch Sally’s mechanics, more time & custom touches is what makes this bike Sucker Punch Sally’s Hot Rod.

Putting extra hours on this Hot Rod adds up, and the result is the throttle and clutch aren’t as stiff, it seems to flow through the gears easier, and this particular bike would fire on the first kick.