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Honda CL350 Cafe Racer by Motofiaccone

The bike we are featuring today is a very cool 1969 Honda CL350, built by Chris Fiaccone of Motofiaccone. Chris is a chameleon, working in a regular job by day, building kick ass bikes/cars/parts in his garage by night.

Purchased as a last gift from his late grandfather, Chris turned this pile of junk which hadn’t seen the light of day for over 20 years into a beautiful Cafe Racer. I bet you are wondering how much it cost to build? Only net $1200 USD, amazing if you ask us.

CL350 Cafe Racer Moto FiacconeThe engine of the Honda CL350 was cleaned and wiped with acetone; to bring that old Cafe Racer look Chris painted the engine with VHT engine paint and then he polished and sanded it off. The exhaust of this Cafe Racer has had a few changes over time, what you see here is a Motofiaccone hand fabricated 2-1 stainless exhaust with a reverse-cone megaphone and is exactly what this bike needed.

According to Chris “I think it is important to really stiffen up the frame of these bikes. Cafe Racers are meant to be flogged around corners, so the stiffer the better “. The stock Honda CL350 was made with stamped sheet metal, but Chris wanted to push this Cafe Racer hard, he wanted it as stiff as possible. Where a tube met the sheet metal Chris welded it closed. Chris paid a lot of attention to the spine, which he sanded down CL350 Cafe Racerand welded shut. The neck was also heavily massaged to make sure the bits remained where they should.

The rearset of this Honda CL350 Cafe was built and designed by Chris himself, the foot pegs are a BMX item. Chris hand crafted the license plate mount and the foot control linkages, and the clipons are from Tomeselli. We love the paint job of this bike, which was done by Kit from DropBars.

This Honda CL350 Cafe was completed some time ago, in May this year Chris donated the bike to help raise money for his friend Chad, an off duty police officer who was seriously injured when he attempted to break up a bar fight. The bike ended up raising $3000 to help Chad’s family.

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