Flying Sbay by Sbay Motor Company

Flying Sbay 2

Sbay Motor Company, Spain founded in April 2008 and AMD World Champions for the Production Class in 2010, pretty damn impressive if you ask us. The bike that won it for them is the ‘Flying Sbay’ and from what we hear it is a name well suited!

The Flying Sbay was built from the ground up using CAD software, did I just mention software? Yes I did, the design of this bike requires precision in every manner, whether its maximum performance or handling the Flying Sbay will hit all the notes. Everything on this bike its weight (total verified weight 211kg), dimension, suspension, brakes and tires are perfect for the people who crave speed, and it has been tested on the  MotoGP circuit of Jerez, Spain.

This motorbike is equipped with 1840cc Rev-Tech v-twin motor producing 115hp. Full exhaust system was built by Sbay, with high temp resin for carbon tips. In order to shorten the bikes length the gearbox has been raised and placed as close to the engine as possible.

The Chassis of Flying Sbay carries over 100 hours of work, manufactured with 6061T6 aluminum alloy, the chassis is assembled in a rotating jig and all it’s components parts are CNC machined. The rotating jig allows the welder to access welding spots from all angles. The machining of all components allows for a TIG welding with very precise welding with very precise adjustments to eliminate the tensions created by the welds. The end result is an extremely rigid chassis without welding stress and a reduced weight.

The Flying Sbay features a Öhlins suspension for better handling.It is extremely fast and provides excellent cornering, to help you stop the Flying Sbay has Brembo brakes 4 piston front and 2 piston rear, with full-floating discs Galfer Wave 320mm front and 220mm rear.

The fuel tank of this Flying Sbay is quite interesting, it’s made with Carbon fiber and was vacuum bagged and dried in a high temperature oven, the rear cowl was also made this way. The seat base is Carbon fiber with Italian leather messinger type optimized for circuit racing.

Please Note: This bike is not for beginners or the faint hearted, the Flying Sbay is a very powerful machine and requires expert handling. Ride it with respect and you will be rewarded with powerful performance!

VIAAMD World Championship
SOURCESbay Motor Co
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