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Triumph TR-6 Peaceful by Heiwa Motorcycle

Heiwa Motorcycle from Japan are pushing the boundaries of custom motorbike building. Taking old motorcycles and transforming them into a piece of art is something they do on a daily basis.

Taking something as iconic as a Triumph TR-6 and trying to customize it is already a great challenge. With so many people building custom motorbikes in the world, how do you make your self-stand out among an ocean of custom motorbikes?

Every time you try to think of an idea or design you always try to relate it to something you have already seen. People say more often lets not reinvent the wheel but does that lead you to a design innovation? I don’t think so! Heiwa Motorcycle have managed to innovate their own design style with each of their builds. So far most of the creations we have featured from Heiwa Motorcycle have Heiwa style, the innovative aesthetic elements on their custom creations are a pure form of art and craftsmanship.

Heiwa Motorcycles and Moto RivistaLets get down to the build of Heiwa Motorcycles Triumph TR-6 Peaceful. By looking at the picture of this build it’s evident that not much of the stock TR-6 has been left on the bike. The custom Triumph TR-6 Peaceful features an in-house produced custom frame. The fabrication work on this beauty includes a one-off vintage style fuel tank and a one-off rear fender. The stock engine was overhauled and was fitted with a one off 2 into 2 custom exhaust system.

At the front Triumph TR-6 Peaceful is fitted with one-off vintage style springer front fork, meter minis speedometer, one-off handlebar and barrel-shaped vintage style grips. A Jaguar fog headlight is another classic touch to this build. I am not sure about the rear-mounted footpegs; I would prefer a mid mount but that’s just me. Triumph TR-6 Peaceful features a vintage looking springer seat which was produced by Flavor Production Japan. The finished bike rolls on Avon smmk-2 400-18 front and rear tires.

Greatness does not come to existence without triumphant attempts, the finished bike is a true reflection of custom art and innovation of Heiwa style motorcycles. I don’t care about the seat position of this bike or the location of the footpegs, that’s something you can’t tell till you have experienced it. All I want is to get my hands on this beauty and blast off on the streets of Japan!

Check out the other featured bikes from Heiwa Motorcycle. Many thanks to Kengo Kimura for always allowing us to feature his motorcycles!

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