Here I am sitting at my desk trying to think of how I can do any justice to this beautiful machine when I know hardly any details.

I muttered to myself under my breath ‘If only I knew Japanese’ when up pipes my daughter ‘I know Japanese daddy, I can help you’ sweet but some how I don’t think first grade Japanese covers the intricacies of custom motorcycle building!! Which reminds me I must apologize to my high school French teacher, she was right I should have paid more attention, understanding French would come in handy later in life…who would have thought!!

Custom Triumph T110 by Heiwa Motorcycle 6Anyway on to the bike, here it is a Custom Triumph Heiwastyle called T110 Long Peace, built by Japanese custom shop Heiwa Motorcycles. Owned and operated by Kengo Kimura a true artist who just loves building great things. When I look at Heiwa’s custom Triumph all I see is a beautiful motorcycle, enough for me dump my Dyna wide glide and just ride this beauty till the end of the day.

But that’s just me every one looks at motorcycles with a different prospective, some may look at it and think of it’s riding position or how well it will perform around corners etc etc. Heiwa’s bikes are not just beautiful machines these bikes are well balanced and built to be ridden.

This custom Triumph is based on a Triumph T110, from what I can see the guys have stripped off every thing from the bike leaving only the engine. The stock Triumph T110 engine was mounted on a one-off custom goose-neck frame. At the front this custom Triumph includes one-off handle bar and switches, Nostalgic Kijima handlebar grip, D mirror fog headlight with one-off headlight stay and a Minis speedometer. At the rear the bike features a custom taillight and one-off footpeg.

The fabrication work on this bike includes a one-off custom rear fender, one-off Heiwastyle fuel tank and one-off custom exhaust. The finished bike rolls on 19-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wrapped in AVON SM-MK-2 350-19 front and AVON SM-MK-2 4.00-18 tires.

I am sure there is a lot more work than what I have just described above but for now the pictures can tell the tail of this build by Kengo Kimura and his team. Step in Kengo’s shoes and walk a mile, you might be able to understand the effort and skill it took to build this beautiful machine.

Special thanks to the Kengo Kimura and the Heiwa Motorcycle team for putting up such a creation and allowing us to share this beauty.

SOURCEHeiwa Motorcycle
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