What is considered the most iconic Triumph motorcycle of all time? Answer to that is the Triumph Bonneville. Named after the Bonneville Salt Flats, a pilgrim site for motorcycle land speed records where Triumph motorcycles have broken many speed records.

The stock Triumph Bonneville has enough style to gravitate any motorcycle enthusiast’s attention. Now drop it into the hands of Café Racer Dreams owner Pedro (Pery) García , and like a good chef he knows how to use custom flavors to create a well designed motorcycle.

According to Pery “This custom Triumph Bonneville CRD #10 was the first commissioned outside of the Spanish borders and the challenge was to deliver with great service. With fluid communication we were able to win the complete trust of the customer Jerry and it opened the door for Europe. At this time, many orders have come from outside Spain including CRD  #10, #11, #15, #17 & #18 it’s not that easy to work remotely fulfilling times and we knew it. For this part, this was a challenge overcome.”

custom Triumph Bonneville exhaust viewThe base for the build was a 2004 stock Triumph Bonneville, which was stripped down to the engine. Now it was down to simplifying the look and adding new custom flavors to the build. At first the rear of the stock frame was modified to adapt the hand fabricated seat pan. Other fabrication work on this custom Triumph Bonneville includes a hand fabricated front and rear fender.

At the front the bike features Renthal ultra low bars fitted with enduro-style light switches and a mini speedometer with mini headlight. At the rear of the bike the stock shocks were replaced with Hagon shocks and custom footpegs. All the electrical system (switchboard, fuse box, etc) are hidden underneath the custom seat pan.

custom Triumph Bonneville front viewUpon ‘Jerry’s’ initial brief CRD replaced the stock tires with a pair of Firestone deluxe champion. The 865cc Bonneville engine is fitted with a K&N air filter and a handcrafted two-into-one exhaust system with a Supertrapp muffler.

According to Pery “In terms of mechanics, no doubt the exhaust system was given more work. I think this bike has a visual and aesthetic charge in the exhaust system. Maybe it’s the part that catches your eye?” I have to agree the exhaust looks amazingly aggressive and adds character to this custom build.

Now looking at the picture of the exhaust you might be wondering, does the exhaust system burn? Pery tells us “on the basis that any leakage that goes above has its share of risk, this bike has been tested and if you go with jeans you do not burn your leg. My advice on this and other bikes though is to never ride in shorts!”

The finished bike is a minimalist approach to an iconic Triumph model with a great example of Spanish custom flavor. Special thanks to Pery for taking some time off from his busy custom schedule and helping us with this article.

SOURCECafe Racer Dreams
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