Just a few days ago I watched an interesting documentary on Miyamoto Musashi featuring Mark Dacascos on the History channel.

It was about Japans best Samurai Warrior Miyamoto Musashi, the documentary was pretty good despite Mark Dacascos taking his shirt off every now and then and showing some moves! Lets cut to the chase and get to the point, in the documentary Mark was shown wearing the Samurai Warrior’s suit, the 30kg handcrafted suit was incredibly detailed and looked amazing. I think it would be great to see the aesthetic elements of the Samurai suit on a custom motorcycle.

Kawasaki W650 5Then today in my inbox I received this vintage styled custom Kawasaki W650 from our good friend Keita at Motor Rock Japan. I was amazed to see that details of the bike which reminded me a lot of Miyamoto Musashi. If Musashi was in our time this beautifully crafted custom Kawasaki W650 could possibly have been his ride!

Looking at the images above it appears Motor Rock has drawn some inspiration from the Vincent Black Shadow. Most of the parts on this custom Kawasaki W650 have been hand fabricated by Motor Rock.

The entire transformation of this bike was drawn on a piece of paper and later was translated with sheet metal and killer fabrication. The base for the build was a stock Kawasaki W650, to begin the build the stock frame was modified and the bike was fitted with a one-off swingarm. The Kawasaki W650 engine was overhauled and assembled with Motor Rock’s 69 Trumpet & one-off exhaust pipe.

Kawasaki W650 7At the front the bike features a Daytona vintage headlight, Motor Rocks custom 69 drag style handlebar, 69 switch type 2 handlebar switch with Tommaselli racing throttle and Domino handlebar grips.

The rear houses Hagon Road Type A suspension and vintage style GAHO seat. The bike also features Halcyon bar end mirror, Daytona electrical speedometer and tachometer.

The fabrication work includes WM short aluminum front fender and Psycle shop 5″ alloy 2 piece rear fender that was remolded. My personal favorite on this bike is the WM Wellington Special tank Ⅱ, which was remolded and beautifully painted and crowned with vintage Kawasaki decal.

This vintage styled custom rolls on Avon SP MKII front and Avon SM MKⅡ rear tires. The finished bike shows the killer fabrication skills of Motor Rock and is an absolute tribute to good old vintage bikes.

Disclaimer: If any of the facts in this article have been lost in translation we apologize, please feel free to comment and correct us!

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