Custom Kawasaki W650

Today’s feature this Custom Kawasaki W650 aka The Fiddler is absolute eye candy for fans of Café Racers, and the fourth custom built from Deus ex Machina’s Michael Woolaway.

The retro standard W650 is an excellent choice for a custom build, do it right and you will be worshiped get it wrong and you will find yourself drowning underneath the burden of judgment. But that’s not the case with Deus ex Machina, these guys knows where to start and how to finish, it’s a gift which not many possess.

Kawasaki Deus ex MachinaLets get a little flashback on the Kawasaki W650; it was designed to reflect the heritage of a Meguro motorcycle, which was based on 1950s British parallel twin motorcycles such as the BSA A7. The letter W in its bloodline name makes a historic reference to Kawasaki’s W1, W2 and W3 models, manufactured between 1967 and 1975.

This Custom Kawasaki W650 is based around a stock W650, which has been tailored around the luxurious silhouette gas tank. This traffic halting Café Racer is well dressed in handcrafted metals including front and rear fenders, nickel-plated brake stays, stainless steel seat pan and electronic tray.

The stock W650 frame was modified at the rear and features a custom chromoly swing arm. Wrapped in the frame is a modified W650 engine with a big bore kit and FCR carbs, and has been fitted with Peyton Place stainless steel exhaust to add performance to this beauty. At the front this Custom Kawasaki W650 features modified Racetech forks while the rear houses Works Performance shocks for better riding comfort.

The Custom Kawasaki W650 also features a heavily modified headlight bucket, modeled after 1960’s Aprilia and BMW lights. A Motogadget speedometer is supported by handmade brackets. The braking has been looked after with TZ350 four-shoe brakes and a twin pull lever up front, and Brembo calipers and discs with a KTM master cylinder in the back.

You might spot this Custom Kawasaki W650 on the Pacific Coast Highway or in the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Manu Dubey
Manu Dubey
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