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CB400f Café racer | Twinline Motorcycles

This bike has been lurking around the shop for the last two years as an abandoned project thanks to the economy.

CB400f Cafe racer  Twinline Motorcycles 3It was built to be as reliable as they come so that it could tour. It has a crank up motor build, all bearings bushings seals, finishes, components have been done with the purpose of lasting. In fact the paint job was done two years ago and is still flawless.  They have stuffed as much as they could stuff on to a vintage Honda, luckily the aftermarket is full of parts. It took about 8k in parts and finishes and over 100 hours on the bench with the end result being a really nice Cb400f café restoration.

This is not a wild bike, or an extravagant bike, but it is as new a bike as you can get from a 1975. Twinline Motorcycles have completed DYNO tuning and have a respectable 28 HP at the rear wheel on Twinline  DYNO, not bad for a stock bore. This bike has never been ridden, it’s only miles have been from the DYNO and from being pushed around the shop.

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