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Yamaha TT350 Custom by Dagger Cycles

We all have seen loads of road bike or sports bikes transforming into a café racer. But it’s not that often you will see an off road Yamaha TT350 blending into a Café Racer and a Board Tracker aka Little Misfit.

An attempt that I always thought was quite unusual has been put together by Roberto Polizzi of Dagger Cycles in Northern Italy. According to Roby “Since I was a little child as long as I can remember I have always been on two wheels. I worked in a motorbike spare parts shop in the past and now in a motorcycle garage, which is a new project with a friend Andrea Campagnolo in order to build special bikes. This garage’s name is “Leave Your S” and it’s where my special was finally born.

Yamaha TT350 Custom by Dagger CyclesI started building this bike during the transition between the old and the new job. I found a 1991 Yamaha TT350 3GJ in a friend’s garage, it wasn’t in good condition because of the time spent on off road tracks but it was still running. I took that Yamaha TT350 to my garage and I started moving around it just to discover what it could become. Usually I don’t run a project with an exact idea of what I want, in my mind I had one starting idea: a bike made with cheap parts and stuff found in scrap metal.

I‘ve always been a huge fan of Mad Max, the Road Warrior, so the best would have been building a punkish post atomic bike that could make a humongous smile.

With a bike like the Yamaha TT350 the idol transformation would be an old fashioned stylish scrambler. But my final concept for this project was something completely against the trend. What I did differently from the others was, I started from an off road bike and I got a sort of Café Racer. Well, It’s not so easy to realize which type of bike it is. It looks like a strange mix between a Café Racer, a Board Tracker and a hardcore punk singer: that’s why I called it “Little Misfit”, a misfit to the other bikes!

With this Yamaha TT350 custom I also started my own brand, Dagger Cycles: the name comes from the two daggers I got tattooed on my arms. I chose this name also because it sounds like “stabbing” the stock bikes with my modifications.

This Yamaha TT350 Custom Little Misfit is my personal bike, it’s a pleasure to ride because it’s very light, 125 kg, and extremely funny, nevertheless it is completely homologated, so no problem with the law. I made it as I wanted, just to get around and make some noise because in the end… I’m just here for the gasoline!” Here here Roby and aren’t we all!!!

Yamaha TT350 Custom” specifications:

  • Custom base: Yamaha TT350cc 3GJ m.y. 1991
  • Frame: original, powder coated
  • Rear shock: Cagiva elefant 200
  • Front fork: Honda XL 125 “(shortened)
  • Front wheel: Honda XL 125 black galvanized spokes/powder coated rim
  • Rear wheel: Stock Raggi black galvanized spokes/powder coated rim
  • Front tyre: Metzeler
  • Exhaust: original exhaust manifold with bandage
  • Muffler: Honda crf 250 black anodized
  • Handlebar: ergal naked handlebar, upsidedown mounted


  • Front light: powder coated classic light
  • Indicators: indicators bracket handmade
  • Tank: Honda xl 125
  • Seat: hand made
  • Tail: fiberglass tail modified for the rear light
  • Fork leg caps: Volume knob earrings
  • Chain tensioner: skateboard wheel
  • Air filters: Conic air filters
  • Starter knob: brass knuckle shaped spring for hair

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