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Kawasaki W650 Bobber by Kid Custom Factory

Japan has to be my ultimate destination for a number of reasons. First one is pretty obvious which is bikes like the feature of the day a Kawasaki W650 and the others are the culture, history and food.

Kid Custom Factory from Fukuoka Keyago Japan has sent us their classic bobber creation a custom Kawasaki W650 aka Wild Berry. The workshop is owned and operated by Shintaro Kido, Kid Custom Factory focuses on building tastefully customized domestic and American bikes.

Japan’s contribution to motorcycles goes way back in time; Kawasaki W650 was designed to reflect the legacy of a Meguro motorcycle. Meguro is one of the oldest Japanese motorcycle companies which later became a partner of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Kid Custom Factory BobberKid Custom Factory’s Wild Berry is based on a 2004 Kawasaki W650; hammered aluminum plate is used in almost the entire exterior of this build. The killer fabrication work has introduced great lines on this bike, the straight line from the tank to the seat is exceptional.

The customization work on this Kawasaki W650 includes KID Custom Factory’s handle bar, a hand fabricated fuel tank and a custom frame. Hand fabricated front and rear fenders were also hammered in stainless steel and the W650 engine is assembled with K&N air filters. Wherever you look on this bike you will feel a “line”, such as the elegant, flowing silencer and exhaust pipe which were manufactured in accordance with the frame line.

The switch was moved to the side cover, a genuine consideration for a small owner. The side stay original number plate mount was made for this custom bike, produced from solid aluminum by making full use of equipment such as a lathe. The finished bike rolls on metzeler ME880 tires and was painted in house by KID Custom Factory.

The bike above is not just an average custom bike, almost every part of this bike has been fabricated in-house. Wild by name and wild by nature, Wild Berry is proudly owned by a fearless lady! No wonder I am desperate to visit Japan and drooling over custom shops like Kid Custom Factory!

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