What is the true Art of custom Motorcycles? Some may refer to the parts and accessories bible from the local dealership.Or jump online and grab a few chrome parts from here and there, put it together and there you go, you got yourself a custom motorbike.

The imaginative spirit of custom motorbike building cannot be faked with some bling bling chrome or a fancy saddlebag. There is a real art in the recreating of something which was already once amazing and making it an original creation.

Norton Model50 GentlemanLets meet a custom builder who worships the true art of the custom motorcycle. Heiwa Motorcycle, a Hiroshima based custom shop has left us speechless with their flawless creations. These guys have done it all; Yamaha, Kawasaki, BSA and Triumph they have transformed many stock bikes into a veritable work of art.

Without a doubt these guys have style and they call it Heiwastyle. For today’s feature we are taking a look at their Custom Norton Model50 Gentleman. Norton bikes are not something many mainstream custom bike builders would fiddle with. It’s a classic bike, so if you dare then do it right and the glory will be yours, screw it up and you will be buried in a burden of judgment. But Heiwa Motorcycle doesn’t need to worry about that, these guys have done the math and built it right.

Yamaha, Kawasaki, BSA to triumph Heiwa MotorcycleTo begin with the build the stock Norton Model50 was stripped down to the engine. The stock Norton Model50 engine was overhauled and fitted with one-off custom exhaust system and was mounted on the one-off custom frame. At the front this custom Norton Model50 features a custom handlebar, vintage style grips, mini headlight and reverse front forks. The rear of the bike features a one-off swingarm, another in-house production of Heiwa.

All the fabrication work including one-off fuel tank, oil tank and a short rear fender with taillight were produced in-house for this build. A build like this is one of a kind, a pure reflection of creative imagination and true craftsmanship. I think I am going shut up let you guys feast on the details of this Custom Norton Model50 build.

Special thanks to the Heiwa Motorcycle team for putting up such a creation and allowing us to share this beauty. I can’t wait to publish another bike from these guys!

SOURCEHeiwa Motorcycle
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