BMW R nineT Custom Project – Chapter 3


We have been fans of Hide Motorcycles for a long time now, especially their extensive portfolio of custom Sportsters. Hide Motorcycles or Hidemo usually take modern Harley’s and give them a vintage twist.

A chosen builder in the BMW Motorrad R nineT Custom Project from Hide Motorcycle, here is the interview with Hideya Togashi (Subtitle text)
It’s not about style.
I guess it’s about whether someone looks cool when they ride it.
The first image that comes to my head is like a dream.
It’s all obscure and veiled in a haze.
Then I start to see something that is wrong with it.
But I can’t tell exactly which part that is, you know?
I try and look for the answer but it doesn’t always come, so I keep trying things, some don’t work out, some do, and when I get it right I can move on.
I do this again and again.
For me, a finished bike is only when I feel it’s 100% perfect.

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