What started in the late 50’s and early 60’s in Britain is still worshiped by many custom motorbike builders around the world. I am sure you know what we are talking about?…Café Racers!

Back in the 1960’s people were just dropping the parts off their motorbikes to gain speed and handling rather then comfort. The bodywork style for Café Racers was derived from contemporary Grand Prix Road Racers.

Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by MotoHangar 6These Café Racers had raw, utilitarian and a stripped down look while the engines were tuned for one ultimate purpose gaining maximum speed. These motorcycles were lean, light and handled road surfaces well. Throughout history the Café Racer style has evolved along with their popularity.

Today’s featured bike a Honda CB550 Cafe Racer takes you right back in time. Built by Vienna based custom fabricator Pat at MotoHangar, for their first customer Luke. The Honda CB550 is a popular base choice for many custom motorbike builds.

This 1978 Honda CB550 features a custom tail section and an integrated taillight. The 544 cc four-cylinder engine has been tuned and fitted with 4 into 1 headers and Supertrapp muffler. The front has been lowered and crowned with yellow tinted headlight giving the bike that vintage feel. At the rear the suspension has been upgraded and raised by an inch. The bike also has a closed cell foam seat pad, custom clip-ons and a pair of Firestone Champion Deluxe vintage tires.

The finished bike was beautifully painted by Ryan at Royal Essex in New Jersey. My personal favorite on this Honda CB550 is the tail section and the 4 into 1 headers and Supertrapp muffler. MotoHangar’s Honda CB550 has that true essence of a Café Racer and reminds you of the past!

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Manu Dubey
Founder and Chief Editor at Moto Rivista. When he isn’t editing articles for Moto Rivista he is working as a User Experience Strategist. Passionate about two wheels since childhood, plans on building his own motorcycle soon!