Just a few decades ago if you were asked to describe the custom scene, Bobbers and Choppers would be the first thing on your mind. But times have changed; the ever-growing custom scene is constantly shifting momentum across the globe.

What once was ruled by Bobbers and Choppers, is now the ultimate playground for all types of bespoke motorcycles. Custom builders from all corners of the world have added so much variety to the bespoke scene. Taking the customization tradition further is Italian bespoke motorbike workshop Venier Customs. Their discreet transformation of a Moto Guzzi v75 custom aka Corsaiola has caught our attention.

Stefano Venier is the owner and head designer of the Venier CustomsStefano Venier the owner and head designer of Venier Customs started to modify and ride motorcycles from an early age. After a masters degree in product design and years of experience in the field, his old passion became a business. Now he’s giving beauty and bringing back to the streets with new life motorcycles that are not ready for the junk yard!

Over to Stefano to give us a run down of how Venier Customs operates ” The way I build bikes is a little different; they are not built on commission. I’m free to design what I want and then we make a limited series of 7 bikes, each which can be personalized. In order to have the declaration of authenticity and to be a collectible motorcycle they have to remain in the mood of the bikes we build. Right now I’m working on unique bikes as well, one off, but the client let me decide 95% of the build.

Being the first model the process is longer, between the design and building stages you are looking at almost 5 months. I would say roughly 2 months on the design and then 3 months on the building and fabricating. I design everything and then I have a few companies working on the bikes, who fabricate the metal, who makes the seats, who does the motors and Emanuele carlet, a master mechanic of the Venetian region, that put it all together and actually build the bike.”

The base for the build was a Moto Guzzi v75, which has been stripped back to the essentials. The rear of the stock frame was modified and realigned. The front and rear suspensions remain original. The 750cc engine has been tuned to produce 60hp and fitted with an elegant mistral vintage exhaust system. At the front this Moto Guzzi v75 Customs features Tarozzi handlebars dressed in race grips. The finished bike rolls on a 16-inch front and 18-inch rear wrapped in Avon tires.

According to Stefano” The biggest challenge of any build for me is always the tank. Not only to make a tank, but to design one that fits perfectly with what you have in mind for the bike and that doesn’t copy any other famous tanks like Triumph or other Guzzi’s. In the end the highlight is getting to ride the finished project for the first time. When you see the bike completed, it is then you understand why you went through all that trouble, the highlight isn’t the selling it is seeing the finished bike and taking it for a spin!”

Looks like we will be seeing a lot more from Venier Customs. Coming up on Moto Rivista we have another Custom Guzzi to feature and I hear there are also two Ducatis, a Benelli, a Harley Sportster and a Kawasaki in the works….stay tuned!

SOURCEVenier Customs
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