BMW R nineT Custom Project – Final Chapter


The main stage at the annual BMW Motorrad Days Japan, held at Hakuba47, Mountain Sports Park, Japan (30-31 August) saw the unveiling of the completed bikes for the BMW Motorrad R nineT Custom Project.

Here Japanese Masters Shiro Nakajima (46Works), Hideya Togashi (Hide Motorcycle), Go Takamine (Brat Style) and Kaichiro Hurosu (Cherry’s Company) set out to customize a brand new BMW Motorrad R nineT as they wished.

Fans of BMW Motorrad did not need to worry, these bikes were in great hands! All four bikes have their own distinctive style and design.

Shiro Nakajima’s ‘Clubman Racer’ reflects his obsession with BMW bikes and the desire for the ideal riding machine, able to handle both the road and the track. Hideya Togashi’s ‘Boxer’ is a modern take on a timeless, classic sports design. Kaichiroh Kurosu ‘Highway Fighter’ is a fusion of the past and present. Go Takamine’s ‘Cyclone’ is a take on tracker bikes.

Each bike is unique and exceptional in their own right. It’s hard to pick a favorite but if you could which one would you like to take for a spin?