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BMW R nineT Custom Project – Chapter 2

Japanese custom motorcycle builders are some what of a mystery to us. One which we are desperate to discover. This video may only be 1 minute 38 seconds long but it gives us a little insight into a builder we have respected for some time from afar.

A chosen builder in the BMW Motorrad R nineT Custom Project from Brat Style, here is the interview with Go Takamine (Subtitle text).

I suppose customizing with more rules can be unexpectedly more enjoyable.
I love a bike that gives an image of riding on it.
Or maybe, I love a bike that is fully customized but doesn’t look like it.
You know it’s a bike for actually riding, rather than something just for show.
I don’t spend much time sketching or designing the bike I customize, because I don’t think it’s a piece of art or anything like that.
I just follow my instincts.
It’s the feeling, that I can tell it would make the bike look cool on the street.
Just that.
So, I don’t think things over too much.
If you ride it, it doesn’t break and its fun, that’s OK for me.
For some reason, that’s what usually comes out of Brat Style.
This time, I’m just making a bike that I want to ride.
I’m still working on it”.

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