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ADA (particolarmente dedicata) by Roberto Rossi

Roberto Rossi’s custom crafts have a special place on Moto Rivista; each build is unique in its own right and proves to be another divine creation. We were honored to be the first in our domain to see this video.

This presentation gives us a glimpse of Roberto Rossi’s latest creation, a custom Sportster named ADA (In the common sense ADA is a female given name, but not in this case. Here ADA is a dedication and an acronym which in Italian is explained with: *A* Verde *DA* Max. In English this translates to: To Verde from Max).

The story telling video evolves around Roberto’s creation ADA and shows the delicacy and the caring which goes into each of his builds. There is reason we refer to Roberto as a Master Craftsman and we can’t wait to feature this bike on Moto Rivista.

For the time being enjoy this video and also check out this other video of Roberto Rossi’s creation Stellalpina.

Giorgio Oppici: www.giorgiooppici.it
Roberto Rossi: www.robertorossimantova.eu
Harley-Davidson® Mantova: www.harley-davidson-mantova.it

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