Privacy Policy

At Moto Rivista, we value and respect your privacy and appreciate your readership and support. We recognize the personal nature of the information you provide us on our website and intend to balance our legitimate business interests with your reasonable expectations of privacy. This Privacy Policy may be updated, and we encourage you to check back often for the latest version.

When and How Does Moto Rivista Collect Personal Information?

You may provide personal information to Moto Rivista in several ways, including:

  1. Sharing your email address when subscribing to our newsletter.
  2. Sharing personal information when submitting news tips to our editorial team or through our Contact Form.
  3. Sharing personal information when commenting on our posts or news.
  4. Sharing contact information (Twitter username and Facebook account name) through our contests.
  5. Signing up to be a member of our online social network, Moto Rivista Follow.
  6. Participating in a survey where an email address is requested.

While we may ask for other information, at no time will you be required to share any personal information to gain complete access to our site. Email addresses are requested to participate in some of our member-only features.

In addition to basic contact information, our analytics trackers may also collect other information, such as the operating system, Internet browser, and screen resolution of your computer.

How Does Moto Rivista Use Personal Information?

Depending on the portion of our site that you have subscribed to or interacted with, we may use your information in a number of ways:

  1. The email address you provided through our newsletter subscription form enables us to send you a daily digest of Moto Rivista motorbike news reviews. This subscription is entirely opt-in by the user.
  2. The mail address that you use when contacting us with an editorial tip or via our Contact Form will not be used for any reason but for the purposes of responding to your inquiry.
  3. The email address associated with your account, when you comment on our stories, may be used in conjunction with contests and promotions hosted on Moto Rivista’s website to notify you if you have won. Email addresses provided in comments are not usually used for any other reason except that they may be used as a customer service and policy violation contact mechanism.
  4. If you choose to comment on Moto Rivista news and reviews through Twitter and/or Facebook Connect, we do not get access to your email address nor do we have any access to your personal data or private information.
  5. We ask for a Twitter or Facebook account to verify the legitimacy of accounts voting in our Open Web Awards. We do not get any access to your personal data or private information.
  6. You volunteer your email address and other identifying information on our social network, Moto Rivista Follow. We use your email address only to inform you if there is activity on your profile. You can opt out of these messages at any time.
  7. We may at times request your participation in a survey. We will not provide your email addresses to any third party but may contact you via them to distribute prizes in associated giveaways.
  8. We may also share your email address or other information with third-party vendors, including but not limited to those like Rapleaf and Klout. Such information will be used for data analytics and advertising targeting. However, we do not sell individual personal data or email addresses or allow them to be used for mailings you have not asked to receive.

Website Advertising and Data Collection

At Moto Rivista, we offer our website for free, but in order to keep it that way, we display advertisements on our website. We also collect data from surveys you may complete helping our advertisers target the audience they want to reach and providing you with potentially interesting advertisements.

Rest assured that we never give access to your personally identifiable information to any party other than Moto Rivista (with the exception of Google, which maintains our RSS subscription-by-email service and our survey providers). We will never contact you unless you give us explicit consent. The only exceptions to this policy are if we are legally required to disclose your information in response to legal processes or if we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, or violations of our terms of use.

Communications Preferences

When you sign up for updates or receive e-mail messages from Moto Rivista, you will always be given the option to opt-out of our communications. You can change your preferences at any time, and we will only contact you in ways that align with your preferences.

Comment Policy

We value open communication and diverse opinions, but we also expect our users to maintain a respectful, constructive dialogue. We reserve the right to delete comments that are off-topic, spammy, abusive, or include personal attacks. Once a comment is made public on the Moto Rivista website, we will not remove it by request.

All comments and other content contributed to Moto Rivista must adhere to the following policy:

  • Personal Attacks: Please refrain from engaging in personal attacks on authors, other users, or any individual. Persistent trolling or mindless abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Hate Speech: We do not tolerate racism, sexism, or homophobia.
  • Language and Threats: Please use respectful language and be considerate of other people’s views, beliefs, and emotions. We reserve the right to remove any content that might be found extremely offensive or threatening.
  • No Spam: We will remove any spam or advertising content.
  • Smear Tactics: We distinguish between constructive arguments and smear tactics. Criticism of our articles and writers is welcome, but we will not allow misrepresentation.
  • Relevancy: Please keep conversations relevant. Off-topic comments may be removed to keep the thread on track.
  • Quality: We encourage you to take responsibility for the quality of the conversations in which you’re participating. Maintain intelligent discussions by being respectful and considerate.
  • Help Us: Maintain an inviting interaction space by self-policing threads and flagging spam. We appreciate your efforts to keep the Moto Rivista community environment inviting, insightful, and constructive.

Follow Profile Policy

Our online social network, Moto Rivista Follow, is entirely opt-in for our members. Accounts listed in our database are created by members of the Moto Rivista Follow network. Due to security considerations, we do not process account deletion requests made via email. To delete an account, the account holder must sign into the network using their email address or username to permanently delete their account.

Moto Rivista reserves the right to delete any account at any time in response to legal process or law enforcement requests or where we believe it is necessary to investigate, prevent, or take actions regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, or violations of our terms of use.