Submit Your Motorbike

Just finished a custom build, have a Moto related event coming up you want promoted, have some new Moto merchandise to show us or you could be a reader who wants to show everyone your ride. Here’s a little break down of how to get your content on Moto Rivista.

Custom Builds:

We are interested in featuring all kinds of custom motorcycles. From professional builds to shed builds, first timers to old timers. It doesn’t have to be technically the most amazing build but it does have to have something, we want to hear your story.

You do not need to give us an exclusive to feature your bike, but please do not send us your bike if you have given it as an exclusive elsewhere. Exceptions considered for print magazine features.

Once you have a bike featured on Moto Rivista we consider you friends. Which means we want to hear from you again. Send us a new bike, send us your event, send us information on a product launch and we will happily do what friends do and that is tell everyone about it!!



Must be Moto related and include at least one high-resolution image (can be a promotional banner). Also include all information in relation to the event including date, time, cost, location, highlights, website link etc. We will post the information as given so make sure it is concise and correct.



This can be your product or something cool you have seen. Moto and lifestyle related accepted. Contact us if you would like to send a product for us to review. Please note any reviews are opinion based only.


Readers Rides:

Be part of the Moto Rivista community and have your bike posted for everyone to see. This is the place to share your bike and to tell us whatever you want others to know. This could be your first bike or your 10th bike, tell us why you chose that bike; what you like, what you don’t like etc! Please note images must be professional looking and high resolution.


Press releases:

All Moto related press releases accepted and considered.