When it comes to modified scramblers, custom motorbike builders tend to lean towards Triumph, BSA and BMW for the base. But that’s not the case with Netherlands based Left Hand Cycles, for their modified scrambler The Forrester they decided to go with a Honda CB750F2.

At first I questioned a Honda CB750F2 for a scrambler, I was not convinced its an idol choice for the build. But when I saw the end result from Left Hand Cycles my mind was quickly changed.

Honda CB750F2 by Left Hand Cycles 6Left Hand Cycles is owned and operated by Richard and Lex. Inspired by cafe racing and motorcycles from the seventies they create no nonsense bikes, no mass-production, just one of a kind!

According to Richard & Lex “We started Left Hand Cycles in the winter of 2011, after years of driving our custom made bikes we wanted to break the surface and create motorcycles for a select kind of person. The name Left Hand Cycles has no particular meaning but we never take the easy way in any kind of business. We have now created three different bikes all with their own identity.

We don’t like to repeat ourselves; we are challenged to develop our artistic side. Our second project named The Forrester is a 1982 Honda CB750F2. This scrambler is a hybrid of sorts and has a wide enduro style handlebar and a pair of retro grips. The enduro headlight features a grill cover. We elevated the rear suspension and mounted a high front and rear fender. The seat was made in a chesterfield sofa style and the Heidenau K60 tires complete it.

Heidenau K60 tiresOur favorite detail on this Honda CB750F2 Scrambler is the extra sprocket on the non-final drive side of the engine, and it’s homage to our own passion for fixie bicycles”.

The powder coated wheels and the matte green paint job on the gas tank help The Forrester to blend into the environment. The Forrester looks mean, loud and ready to conquer the rough terrain!

Over the past few months Moto Rivista has been flooded with Scrambler style modified bikes, is it just me or has the demand for a modified scrambler gone up?!


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