The Supreme Sportster | Ducati 750 Sport


Consistent with the true “Grand Tourismo” meaning the Ducati 750 V-twin GT is a strong and capable roadster, but still a step removed from the top muscle machines.

Ducati’s true 750-production superbike – a lean, race-styled twin, easily capable of conquering the multis and convincingly the finest sportster motorcycle in 1974 era. Excellent ground clearance, Italian suspension components and well-designed steering add up to impressive capabilities. In terms of handling the bike is probably the closest thing to an outright racer to be found in production of the road.

What every cafe racer had ever dreamed about, big fiberglass tank and racing seat unit lend a single-purpose air to the big V-twin. No air cleaners are fitted to the Ducati’s 750, and there’s not much room for anything other than a sock-type.

Long wheelbase prohibits easy drop turns on very tight corners. The bike prefers to steer round a larger radius. Nevertheless, the steering effort is light.

There is not many of these around but we saw this one on Ebay . The condition of the bike is fantastic. It is an unrestored original.


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