XL1200S Sportster by Hide Motorcycle

Sportster SP-20 by Hide Motorcycle

Hailing from the Japanese city of Kawasaki is Hide Motorcycle aka Hidemo. Hide Motorcycle have an extensive portfolio of custom Sportster’s, taking modern Harley’s and giving them a vintage twist is their mantra.

When we say custom Harley everyone thinks, ehh just add a few aftermarket parts and do some tinkering here and there and you got that custom Harley. That’s not the case with Hide Motorcycle, their founder Hideya Togashi has over 15 years experience in the industry.

Previously we have featured their Sportster SP-26 and Sportster SP-29, today we are feasting on their XL1200S Sportster SP-20. The Harley-Davidson Sportster is the longest continuously produced motorcycle in the H-D bloodline. The build of  SP-20 started as a 2003 Harley-Davidson XL1200S Sportster, the rear suspension was dropped adding low stance to SP-20. Since the engine was in pristine condition it didn’t require any modification although Hidemo added a classy exhaust system and a Hide air intake.

XL1200S Sportster SP-20 also features a one-off low design Hidemo fuel tank with vintage style V-checker decals. The stock front fender was removed and a new seat with custom rear fender was added. The handlebars were also modified and fitted with HDM original mini switch. XL1200S Sportster SP-20 rolls on 19-inch front wheel wrapped Super Eagle tire and 16-inch rear wheels wrapped in Avon tire.

Other parts include a custom fabricated HDM blinker assy, HDM & IG key cylinder coil bracket, HDM meter bracket, HDM indicator bracket all these parts have been built in house at Hidemo’s workshop.

The finished Sportster SP-20 does have the aesthetic of vintage bikes, once again Hidemo have captured a true vintage racer looking bike with modern performance.


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