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Ducati 750 Sport by JvB-moto

Ducati 750 Sport by JvB-moto

Holy smokes! This is one serious custom Ducati 750 Sport and the personal ride of Jens vom Brauck from JvB-moto, Cologne Germany. In his words this is a work in progress – I’m wondering if a bike like this is a work in progress what on earth will it be like when it’s finished?

Now I’m no motorcycle expert but when I look at this bike I can’t imagine what could be done to change, add or improve this build. But as a design professional I do understand that personal projects are a constant evolution and can always be improved upon (Moto Rivista 3.0 coming soon!!)

The idea for this Ducati 750 sport was to build a reliable everyday machine. According to Jens vom Brauck “ This bike is not just a design concept aiming for a final visual perfection, it’s a work in progress, ride, modify and repeat. I usually don’t care much about cars, but I am a big fan of the Magnus Walker Porsche 911s and I wanted to give the bike a similar spirit. A hard ridden classic bike, tuned with some “illegal street racing” style”

The base for this transformation was a low mileage Ducati 750 sport from 1988. The reason for choosing the Ducati 750 sport was due to its death proof engine, the clean lines of the fuel tank and lastly the 16-inch wheels.

The stock Ducati 750 sport frame was heavily modified to adapt the new stance. The stock airbox and the Mikuni flat slide racing carbs were replaced with K&N filters, which gives the bike a beautiful response and a completely different power delivery. The 2 into 1 exhaust was made from stainless steel leftovers and has a Termignoni titan can which was originally made for a 1100 Monster.

Ducati 750 Sport by JvB-motoThe fuel tank was slightly modified and was mounted 20mm towards the front bringing an aggressive look to the build.

The 16-inch wheels are wrapped in Avon radial tyres, which gives the bike a distinctive “80´s formula one” almost balloon tyre look. The stock brakes were modified and work well with the low weight. The front fork is a stock Marzochi and the rear is a Showa damper from the 750ss series, both modified to work with the lower weight.

Whilst the clip-ons and lowered footrests together with the newly designed tail unit give it a really comfortable riding position. The tail unit and the distinctive headlight are JvB-moto custom parts. Whilst the electric box and alloy front fender are also one-off parts.

“Of course you can´t compare this custom Ducati 750 Sport to a modern superbike, but with a weight of 155 kg without gas and about 80hp, it runs incredibly well for a 25 year old machine and if you want to, you can be very, very quick.”

This bike is a one-off, but some of the parts are available in the JvB-moto web shop with more to come.

I’m absolutely sure this custom Ducati 750 Sport will turn more than a few heads when it rolls into the Wheels and Waves festival next month. Sorry we won’t be able to join you for a beer Jens, hopefully next year. We will even bring the beer perhaps some Mountain Goat or Stone and Wood!!


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