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Classic BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler

BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler

If you look back in history you will find many of the great British motorcycles, like this BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler was designed purely to attract the American market.

The BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler is a living example of the American influence on British manufacture. An ever-growing scrambler scene in America had the demand and BSA was wise to quickly cash in on the opportunity. Tweaking their standard 650 A10 twin engine and mounting it on a lightweight frame, in 1957 the BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler came into existence.

The BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler incorporated the lightweight Gold Star frame and Gold Star Catalina front and rear bikes. In the heart of Spitfire lies a powerful big valve Rocket engine tuned to a straight-through dual shotgun-style crossover exhaust system.

The BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler was supplied without a light but with a generator and regulator. It could be used as a road bike or with a change of the sprocket as a powerhouse scrambler. It was equipped with a sports tank, sports fender and was finished in metallic red, chrome and polished alloy.

This 1963 BSA A10 Spitfire Scrambler is from the last year of its production. The bike was fully restored and auctioned at Bonham’s and was sold for US $12,285.


  1. Had a friend you was a tester at B.S.A. He used to come home on bikes like this and give me a go .They always seemed much better than anything they sold to us Brits

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