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Waiting out winter


The long cold miserable winter is here; to be honest I am not a fan of the cold weather at all. The bone chilling winds on the freeway will test your limits, try going 100K with an open face when its about 1 degree and you will find yourself with a constant brain freeze!

That’s me most mornings on the Eastern! We don’t have snow but it does get pretty darn cold, after watching this video winter doesn’t seems that bad at all!

Waiting out Winter has been beautifully captured by Andrew David Watson. This video express’ the beauty of winter and pays “A homage to all craftspeople who spend their winters tucked inside their workshops waiting for better weather.”

Also check out my all time favorite video profile of Liberty Vintage Motorcycles by Andrew David Watson.

Directed by: Andrew David Watson
Brought to you by: castandsalvage.com
Music by: Huma-Huma

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