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BMW R nineT Custom Project – Chapter 5


Winner of the 2012 and 2013 Best of Show Motorcycle at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is Kaichiro Kurosu from Cherry’s Company.

A chosen builder in the BMW Motorrad R nineT Custom Project from Cherry’s Company, here is the interview with Kaichiro Kurosu (Subtitle text)

Since I normally customize old-Harleys I didn’t realize how analog I had become until I touched this bike.

Yes, I struggled.

I struggled a lot.

I imagine people are expecting something like what I’ve done for Harleys in the past.

I’ve been feeding off the pressure, to not screw this up, not make something strange.

They are going to compare this bike with my past works.

This time I wanted to try something new, I had this feeling that I shouldn’t do what I normally do.

It’s been a great opportunity for me, to find out how “Old School” I was (in a good way).

I want to try a new direction.

I want to create a feeling of the future.

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