BMW R100/7 ‘Green Hornet’ by Blitz Motorcycles

BMW R100/7 ‘Green Hornet’ by Blitz Motorcycles

I like seeing story telling custom motorbikes, it’s an art and takes an artist to portray. Paris based Blitz Motorcycles BMW R100/7 ‘Green Hornet’ is a hand fabricated motorcycle, which tells the story of its journey to our time.

Founded by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel in 2010, together, they conceive, customize and hand finish motorcycles to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines. Their custom bikes are testaments to old timers; every bike built at their custom garage reminds you of the past. The feature of the today a BMW R100/7 ‘Green Hornet’ is inspired by ‘Black Beauty’, the car driven by the Green Hornet in the cult 60’s TV series.

To begin the build the top engine has been reworked (new piston rings, new gaskets), later it was painted with high temperature matt black. The subframe has been shortened and a bespoke seat basis (made of alloy) has been made from the new shape of the subframe.

The frame has been dark green powder coated while the fenders (both front and rear), levers, handlebar, fork and all engine covers have been shiny black powder coated. The entire electric wiring has been simplified so that the only button to be placed on the handlebar is the starter button.

The front headlight comes from a 70’s rally car additional light, while the taillight is a bicycle light from the 40’s (turned into 12V and double intensity for light and brake light). Both of them were found at a swap meet. There is a Triumph T140 US handlebar and Dunlop K81 tires.

The duck blue color tank comes from a 70’s Honda CB motorcycle, mounted as found, with dents and scratches. Dashboard lights (oil pressure and charging light) have been inserted at the very back of the tank, as well as the “on / off” light button.

The fabrication work on this beauty includes a steel rear mudguard, alloy front mudguard, rear frame buckle and “Blitz Motorcycles” battery covers all produced in house. This finished bike belongs to Fred Jourden of Blitz Motorcycles and is his “road trip bike”. I am big fan of the wear and tear look on this bike, to me it’s more natural and has the feel of a handmade custom bike.


  1. I like this bike for two reasons, first it’s well balanced and second it shocks beemer collectors, thx to Blitz


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