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honda CB550 cafe racer by Moto Hangar 1

Honda CB550 by MotoHangar

Café Racers were born to burn the adrenaline rush in the 1960s. Since then to this day, the Café Racer culture has spread its...
Brat Style Honda CB750 by MotoHanger

Honda CB750 by MotoHangar

Just when you thought you have seen all styles of custom bikes here comes MotoHangar's latest creation Moto 750mh, a custom Honda CB750 completed...
1977 Yamaha XS400

Yamaha XS400 by MotoHangar

A classic cafe style Yamaha XS400 has just rolled out of MotoHanger’s Washington DC garage. MotoHangar has already been featured on Moto Rivista with...
Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by MotoHangar

Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by MotoHangar

What started in the late 50’s and early 60’s in Britain is still worshiped by many custom motorbike builders around the world. I am...
Suzuki GT550 Honduki by Motohangar

Suzuki GT550, Honduki by MotoHangar

MotoHanger is back on Moto Rivista this time we are taking a look at their Honduki, which was a winner of the "Best in...
Jons Honda CB750 headlight and mesh

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by MotoHangar

For today's feature we are taking a look at Jon's Honda CB750 Cafe Racer. Built as a daily ride for Jon, the bike is...
Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer by Motohangar

Yamaha SR500 Cafe Racer

The popularity of Café Racers is in full swing; people around the globe are thriving for more and more for Cafe Racers. MotoHangar's latest...