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Bespoke Triumph Bonneville by Ellaspede

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When it comes to building custom motorbikes there are two most celebrated foundations, one is Harley-Davidson and the oth...
Ducati Sport Classic by ShedX

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Today's feature build a Ducati Sport Classic comes from the Sydney, Australia workshop ShedX. Builds like these are the f...
Custom Honda CB450 K1 by Ellaspede

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Today we are taking a look at a custom Honda CB450 K1 named Elvis by Ellaspede, a classic transformation with a modern tw...
Moto Rivista Yamaha SR400 aka Varkain II

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Today’s feature a custom Yamaha SR400 aka Varkain II comes from Coffs Harbour, a coastal city located on the north coast ...
Dick Mann Honda CB750 3

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Dick Mann is a legendary name in motorcycle racing history, his Honda CB750 owns a special place in racing history winnin...
The Salt Lake Sickle by Raider Motorsport

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Today’s bike a 1988 Honda GB400 Salt Lake Sickle started life as a vision on paper and was built for the Sydney Motorcycl...
Yamaha SR500 Venice

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Deus Ex Machina is well known around the world for their custom motorcycles and the culture they promote and celebrate. ...
SFX Salt Flat Racer By Raider Motorsport

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Founded by Maurice Rissman and based in Coffs Harbour Australia is Raider Motorsport, a specialist motorcycle company whi...

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Honda NX650 by Keiichi Tanaami and Basic Garage Italy 1

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Confession: A few days ago when I should have been researching new feature motorcycles for Moto Rivista, I was actually o...