Cafe Racers, Trackers & Scramblers

Cafe Racers, Trackers & Scramblers

Honda Sport 90 cafe Racer by Deus Ex Machina

Honda Sport 90 Café Racer by Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina has taken a classic Honda Sport 90 and transformed it into a sleek sexy Café Racer. If you’re not in rush to...
Guzzi Nevada 750 by Mr Martinii

Moto Guzzi Nevada 750, Follet by Mr. Martini

Our custom craving has taken us all the way to Italy, Verona based Mr. Martini (Nicola Martini) has got a classic delicacy for our...
BMW R100RS Cafe Racer Moto Rivista

BMW R100RS by C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles

Today's feature bike BMW R100RS comes all the way from Cambrils, near Barcelona and built by Josep-Ramon Curto of C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles. Josep-Ramon Curto transforms...
Custom Yamaha SR400 by Yamaguchi Ringyou

Custom Yamaha SR400

Yokohama based brothers from Yamaguchi Ringyou are back on Moto Rivista with their custom Yamaha SR400 aka Type Zero. The distinctive look of this custom...
Custom Triumph thruxton

Triumph Thruxton, Cafe Racer by The Tarantulas

Along came The Tarantulas, it’s not a new movie so hold on to the excitement. It’s a Northeast Portland based motorcycle garage called The...
Custom Kawasaki W650

Custom Kawasaki W650

Today's feature this Custom Kawasaki W650 aka The Fiddler is absolute eye candy for fans of Café Racers, and the fourth custom built from...
Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer by kaffeemaschine

Moto Guzzi Cafe Racer 6 by kaffeemaschine

Today’s feature bike Kaffeemaschine #6 is quite mesmerizing, if I was a custom addicted wasp the rider of this beauty would have a hard...
Custom Triumph Thruxton

Custom Triumph Thruxton, Mighty Blue

It’s not that hard to recognize a Triumph Thruxton on it’s own, put a bunch of Thruxton's together and no one can guess which...

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