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Custom Kawasaki W650 Japan

Custom Kawasaki W650 Japan

When I saw this custom Kawasaki W650 I was stunned, I went and checked my calendar to make sure I wasn't in the 70’s!...
Kawasaki W650 Maria Motorcycles

Kawasaki W650 by Maria Motorcycles Portugal

Breaking News! A furious Hurricane Jane from Portugal has hit the shores of Moto Rivista. This category 5 Hurricane is based on a Kawasaki...
Kawasaki W650 Bobber by Kid Custom Factory

Kawasaki W650 Bobber by Kid Custom Factory

Japan has to be my ultimate destination for a number of reasons. First one is pretty obvious which is bikes like the feature of...
Kawasaki W650 Deus Ex Machina

Kawasaki W650 by Deus Ex Machina

The aesthetics of the Kawasaki W650 engine has always fascinated the custom motorcycle builders around the globe. The latest creation from Deus Ex Machina...
custom Kawasaki W650 Motorcycle

Kawasaki W650 by Ton-up Garage

Kawasaki W650 based flat tracker named ‘Gold Digger’ has just rolled out from Ton-up Garage Portugal. Kawasaki’s W650 was designed to reflect the legacy of...
Custom Kawasaki W650

Custom Kawasaki W650

Today's feature this Custom Kawasaki W650 aka The Fiddler is absolute eye candy for fans of Café Racers, and the fourth custom built from...

Custom Kawasaki W650 by Motor Rock

Just a few days ago I watched an interesting documentary on Miyamoto Musashi featuring Mark Dacascos on the History channel. It was about Japans best...

Kawasaki W650, Bobbersake by Deus Ex Machina

If you are in to cool things whether it’s Motorcycles, clothing or Surfboards; Deus Ex Machina is the one stop shop to match your...

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